What a vansformation

The pictures do the talking here really… I introduce Van Collymore in all her glory: stripped out, insulated and fully kitted out with combo sink and double burner (with water storage tank, electric water pump and wast pipe), Propex heater to warm her up, full Vohringer ply units and a cut down rock and roll bed. Hats off to Mr Paul Ward at Essex Caravan Services for doing the work and apologies from me to him for making him work on this until 12 o’clock at night! Expect to see more from Mr Ward in the future…. that’s all I’m going to say for now!

Jus got to get the folding table in this weekend, paint the bed frame and bolt it down and get the sponge mattresses cut to size and upholstered. Jobs for the weekend.

PS. Note that Porta-Garry even has his own little, custom made, cubby hole. A bespoke conversion if ever I’ve seen one!

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