An unimaginative title for a blog post I know but it’s been a funny old week and my inspiration is being used up on far more important things. It’s all go on the preparations front though – just today the Thule ski rack has arrived and I’ve ordered the electric cool box for the van and the roof box. I’ve also taken the van to the garage to get the winter tyres put on – pretty meaty they look to. Hopefully in another week’s time everything will be ready and I’ll put the updated pictures of the van up – the conversion (and my new home!) will be complete.

In the meantime just a heads up on what I consider to be one of the best book you’ll read about the backcountry – if you read just one book then make sure it’s this. It’s been in my bag everyday now for about the last 9 months and whenever I’m sat on the bus or tube I read it. Make sure you know your surface hoar from your depth hoar – your facet from your round etc etc. Bruce Tremper teaches it you all!

On an avalanche note I test fired my Snowpulse bag in Snow & Rock in Covent Garden on Saturday – excellent fun – they make quite a bang when they go off. Thanks to fraser JP and Tom for sorting me out. Video to follow soon (once I work out how to get it up on here).

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