Quick update…

Just a quick update mainly for anyone linking in from UKClimbing – here’s a few pictures of the La Grave valley from when I drove up there yesterday. As I’ve said before the ice on the north side of the valley is starting to form ok but as these pics from the south facing side show there definitely needs to be some more freezing temps before these are climbable! It’s still just not getting that cold at night. Not sure exactly what the one route is but it’s in the Grand Clot area and the other is of the route Caturegas.

Apart from that not up to much here. Helped a damsel in distress change her wheel in La Grave yesterday which she repaid me for with a hot chocolate! The french is coming on well… am really enjoying trying to learn properly and I’ve found one of the best ways is to have slightly drunken conversations with people as you’re a little braver then. They don’t teach you that technique at school do they! Also beard growth is progressing very well indeed and it had its first official trim since 17th November today.

It is bumping here in Deux Alpes at the moment and the forecast is saying it’s going to keep snowing for at least the next few days. Very good news as it must be putting down many feet of snow. All in all mountain life is good!

To end with – for anyone that’s interested – here’s a link from the BBC interviewing David Millar about doping in cycling… now he definitely thinks he’s Rod Stewart!



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