Hungover in Deux Alpes

Well we survived the riot in Deux Alpes… it was a war zone on the streets of Deux Alpes and the Gendarmes didn’t seem to give a flying wotsit. Anyway we managed to avoid the battling Italians and Frenchies and ski toured up the mountain to bring in NY with a bottle of champers and some homemade french onion soup (thanks Susie). Bliss.

Conditions wise… it’s dumped but the weather’s warmed and the powder was gloopy as anything yesterday – hard on the legs! It’s a beautiful day here today but sadly I am hungover and knackered! Weather’s due to come in again tomorrow then brighten up for a few days. The base is pretty good now on the mountain.

Not loving the new Line Prophets unfortunately… too wide for me and my skiing style which favours shorter turns with a pop. The Line’s are more for bigger GS style turns and are just too heavy to get any pop with especially when I’ve got the Snowpulse on my back as well. On the lookout for some new ones I think (funds permitting) so if anyone is after some new Lines then let me know! They’ve a got a few chunks out the bottom from hitting some rocks but I’ll patch that up otherwise they’ve only be skied for about 8 days in total.


1 thought on “Hungover in Deux Alpes

  1. Bonne Maman

    presume you’d eaten all the foie gras before touring up the hill …….snow looks great on top of Collymore …. cosy and warm. BM


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