Mom… don’t read this post

What to say… I skied La Grave yesterday by a couple of non-itineraire routes. One of the best days in the mountains that I have ever had without a doubt. We skied Girose Right and Orciere… a total of 2.4 kilometres of descent. Things I learnt:

  • Ski with crazy Finnish guys… especially one’s who know the route. You seriously cannot get lost in La Grave… you have to know exactly where you are going otherwise you can disappear off down a couloir that looks really good but has a 100 metre cliff drop at the end. The location of numerous deaths was pointed out to me on occasions! As we set out across the top of the glacier we were laughing at 2 guys who were a few hundred metres ahead of us… one of them didn’t have a backpack so clearly had no avalanche gear and he fell over twice. Apparently the helicopter picked them up an hour later because they were lost and had no rope! Serious idiots obviously.
  • Drink Elixir before and after each run. It’s 69% and gives you much needed Dutch courage (or perhaps that should be Finnish courage)
  • Don’t fall over. At all. And make sure you’re edges are sharp as there’s a lot of slide slipping in areas  where you just can’t get a turn in and you really don’t want to fall as you’re probably not gonna stop for a while and you’ll be pretty battered up by the rocks!
  • Have fun. The place is sensational and the skiing out of this world. Everyone is really friendly as well – a sharing of passions like no where else.

Been a bit crap at updating the blog recently – just been too busy skiing; ski touring and ice climbing! Will get the pics of all that up shortly but the pub is calling me now for a bit of hair off the dog… too many Leffe’s last night in celebration of still being alive.


4 thoughts on “Mom… don’t read this post

  1. Lee

    HJ. I’m so glad you are having a great time but this does not instill a lot of confidence when I let you guide James through La grave on your boys trip. Especially after the last boys trip when James told me he slide down some big arse cliff.

  2. Mill

    Lee has just told me to be sensible and in a very sensible way i have just improved my travel insurance!!! Bring on the snow!

  3. Nick Allen

    This is a seriously brilliant series of blogs Richard.

    I have only been skiing once, so can’t claim to be any good, or know what your are talking about a lot of the time, but I look forward to each blog’s arrival into my in-box.

    Keep having fun!



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