Beginning the season in style: La Grave & Les Deux Alpes

I’m coming the conclusion that I’m not a very good blogger… it seems I’m incapable of updating it on time. So, three weeks after my last trip to Les Duex Alpes and La Grave, here’s a selection of photos from my pre-xmas trip.

I had 10 days out there in total and managed to ski 7 of those. One was missed due to weather, one to a wasted body (due to such good skiing) and one because of the mother of all hangovers. Worth it though as it was to celebrate my good friend and the ultimate ski buddy Flossie Cockle’s success in her Eurotest, she is now the highest qualified British ski instructor you can be, yay! So glad I was there to experience her do it as I know it’s been an emotional journey!

But the 7 days skied I have to say were pretty damn epic… it just didn’t stop snowing. Somehow I managed to find and ski more off piste in Les Duex Alpes than I managed in the whole of last season and, with all the snow, it was freshies after freshies. With variable avalanche conditions, the snowpack was pretty stable despite all the snow (certainly towards the end of the trip), so the resort based off piste was open for business – as the local UIAGM guide said on the lift “you can ski anywhere it’s white!”. The backcountry was a bit of a different story so didn’t get any touring or ridge hikes and drops done this time and, because the La Grave lift didn’t open until the Saturday before I left, I only spent one day there. So no road runs unfortunately but they’ll still be there next time I’m back.

Next stop Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Canada, on the 26th January. I think the word is ‘siiiiick’!!!


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