Off-piste in Tignes: Vallée de la Sache via Le Trou de la Souris

This is the post I should have written one year ago but never got round to. But the season has begun and I’ll be hearing the click click of my own bindings in about a week when I’ll be back in Tignes and heading straight to the Vallée de la Sache. Predictably, I’m about as excited as a kid waiting for Santa Claus right now. In preparation, I’m sharing some pictures from last year’s off-piste excursion to ski Le Trou de la Souris (The Mouse Hole) which drops into the infamous Vallée de La Sache and is the best route in by far.

Access is easy. Get yourself to the L’Aguille Percee and take the usual short hike up the hill as if you’re heading into the Vallée de la Sache by the usual route. At the top of the hike, look into the Vallée and follow the ridge line (on skis) for a few hundred metres. I’ve not put compass to map, but it’s a North / North West direction. The last couloir is the one you want. Watch out for wind loading if there’s fresh and make all other usual assessments. Drop it. Le Trou de la Souris is on your left hand side and I can pretty much guarantee you will ski past it the first time because you can’t see it until you look back! We did just that, but don’t worry because if you time it right you still get freshies like in the pictures below!

This route is awesome, go seek it out. It’s got a crazy big mountain feel to it, when actually you’re really not that far from the piste (not that I’m saying you shouldn’t take full care) and the angles are all nice. Getting through the hole and down the other side usually gets pulses racing, but it’s far worse than it looks. Because it’s a guides route, there’s a fixed rope in place (always test it) which helps. If there’s not much snow in the hole then it’s worth racking your skis on your pack as it is a bit trickier getting purchase on the rock. But if there’s plenty of snow you can just carry your skis.

If you really want to do it in style then you should drop Floss a line at FREEFLO. As well as being an utterly awesome skier and instructor, she also knows where you can get the best coffee in Les Brevieres at the end of the adventure!


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