Do the Okey Stokey: 2 weeks in Revelstoke B.C.

Probably a record for late blog updating but midway through the season I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Revelstoke, Canada. What a couple of weeks it was, it took me another week to recover. Revvy is simply awesome and the snow out of this world mainly because it just keeps falling and falling and the backcountry is divine.

Thank you to our fantastic hosts Si and Fi who looked after us like Kings (and Queens) and congratulations to the Spilligans… the Cone and Lee who got engaged whilst we were away!

In total I managed 8 days skiing, 3 days touring and 1 day ice climbing. 1 planned extra day of ice climbing was lost due to avalanche danger – check out the Bumbling Mountaineer’s Avalanche Masterclass. But I did manage to get my main objective for the holiday skied, Brown Shorts, a lovely looking big wide couloir which drops off the side of Mount Mackenzie and which you get to ski the top section of the Mac Daddy face to access, one of the venues for the Freeride World Tour. Checkout Backcountry Skiing Canada for the full info.

We also had two days touring in Roger’s Pass, heading up to Balu Pass. Wow, check out the pictures, days like that are a beautiful remind of why I love being in the mountains so much and how lucky I am to be there. Not another person in sight, knee deep powder, great friends and amazing views. Life don’t get much sweeter. On another day of touring we tried to get to the top of Mt Macpherson via the ‘fingers’ but got completely lost. There was a rather funny incident on the way down though, check out the Bumbling Mountaineers Freeride School!

Amazing times so here’s some pictures and a couple of comedy videos. Next stop, back to La Grave and Deux Alpes in a couple of weeks to bring the 2013 season to a close. In the words of a Revelstokian… ‘that’s seriously sick dude’. And Collymore has just been in for a service and fridge installation from Mr. Ward at Kombiwerks



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